Expansion Chamber

Expansion chambers are mainly used in the motorcycle exhaust systems which use two stroke engines. The main purpose of these expansion chambers is to improve the power and performance of the two stroke engines. By using an expansion chamber one could easily get the power, efficiency and performance of four stroke engines. By using the remaining energy of the combusted exhaust which is deliver out of the cylinder, it delivers the extra amount of power, thus it is a recycling method of utilising the power from remaining power present in the exhaust.

The main components of an expansion chamber mainly consist of blow down section, transfer section and a port blocking section. In a stroke engine when the piston moves down, the fuel exhaust is pushed out due to its own thrust and pressure in to a pipe of constant diameter and the pipe forms the initial portion of the expansion chamber equipped in the exhaust system. This pipe is called the head pipe of the expansion chamber of the motor cycle exhaust system. It is kept of constant diameter because the power present the exhaust is kept constant which is utilised in the end cycle of operation carrying out by the expansion chamber. The transfer section consists of a divergently shaped diffuser. This divergently shaped diffuser is divergent at an angle of six to twelve degrees and allows the motorcycle exhaust gas to expand. This divergent section of the transfer section pushes the exhaust to the port blocking section. The port blocking section is convergent in shape at an angle of about eight to sixty degrees as per the requirements of the motor. Thus this convergent section of the motor cycle exhaust system pushes back the fresh exhaust back into the cylinder just before the compression cycle of the piston at high pressure. This type of exhaust exhaust system also consists of a stinger which is used for controlling the exit of exhaust gas as well as help in improving the pressure of the exhaust gases. The different methods adopted to carry out the construction of expansion chamber are the hand-forming method, hydro-forming method and the stamping method.

Since the head pipe of the expansion chamber of the motor cycle has the fresh and hottest exhaust and the divergent port blocking sections, the expansion chamber ace severe temperature variations as well as sound variations. These factors present in the exhaust system can affect the life and performance of the two stroke engines. This type of exhaust system can even affect the efficiency provided by the two stroke engines equipped in two stroke motorcycles. Because of the large shape and size of the expansion chamber it is usually exposed to stones, rocks, woods and other rigid obstacles present on the ground and surrounding. So in order to keep the expansion chamber of the exhaust system in effective condition regular maintenance and service are required.

Though the use of expansion chambers in the exhaust systems of the two stroke motorcycles has many problems everyone tries to get one in order to get the power of four stroke engines. This type of exhaust system is available at affordable prices in the market which can be easily installed in all types of two stroke engines.

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Motorcycle Buying Tips For First Time Motorcycle Buyers

If you’re looking at buying your first motorcycle ever, there are a few things that you should consider. Keeping these tips in mind will get you on the way to purchasing the motorcycle that is right for you.

1. Engine Size

If you have a particular size in mind, make sure that you are going to be able to handle the motorcycle based on that engine size. Buying a bike that is too large is often times a mistake that many people make, and sometimes regret later on down the road. There are a couple factors that you should consider when purchasing a motorcycle including how fast the motorcycle will go based on the engine size, and how heavy the motorcycle will be based on the engine size. If you’re not comfortable with a super fast bike, then consider purchasing one with a smaller engine. If you are not very strong physically, then a smaller engine might be the best bet because a smaller engine often times means a lighter bike.

2. Cost

Make sure that you purchase a motorcycle that is within your price range. Often times people purchase bikes that are much too expensive and they end up getting in over their heads with regard to paying for it. Instead, find the bikes that best fit your budget and then refine your search from there.

3. Brand Preference

If you have a particular preference in mind when it comes to the brand or manufacturer, then you should probably choose from motorcycles being sold by that particular manufacturer. Once you’ve selected a number of different motorcycles from that particular manufacturer, then refine your search with the above factors in mind.

When you take the time to sort through the many options you have when purchasing a motorcycle, you will increase the chance that you will get what you want the first time around and will not be stuck with a bike that you can’t handle or simply can’t afford.

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Windows 7 Slow – How to Speed Up Windows 7 Quickly and Easily

Is your Windows 7 slow? Wondering how to speed up Windows 7 without breaking the bank? Well I may be able to help you. But first off you need to make sure you are meeting the minimum hardware requirements to run Windows 7 on your system. Here they are:

o 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)

o 1GB of main memory

o 16GB of available disk space

o Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface)

o A DVD-R/W drive

Keep in mind however, that if you were able to effectively run Windows XP or Vista, there should be little reason that you cannot also run Windows 7. The new Windows OS is designed to be very light and run quickly without requiring huge amounts of RAM or GHz’s. Most folks having problems are the ones trying to jump from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

If you meet or come close to these requirements and Windows 7 is still slow, then the issue lies somewhere else. For starters, cut down on the amount of programs running in the background. You can use MsConfig to do this or simple install software that will identify programs secretly running in the background and eating up loads of virtual memory.

The second option is to clean the Windows registry. This is perhaps the most effective means to speed up Windows 7. There is no internal cleaning tool to clear out errors and corrupt files from the registry. This contributes to significant congestion which will slow down Windows 7 significantly.

While these tweaks can be complicated to perform alone, you can scan your system with software which will fix these problems automatically. It will only take a couple minutes and you should notice a faster Windows 7 right away. Don’t worry about compatibility issues, if the program can run on Vista it can run on Windows 7.

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How to Choose Exercise Equipment

Choosing equipment is one of the secrets that many leave behind when working toward peak performance. The first piece of equipment you want to consider in a gym or at your home is endurance machines. Why?

Endurance exercises build staying power, stamina and fortitude. Vigorous people may choose treadmills to include endurance routines. Bicycles or cycling machines are also good idea.

Exercise and diet is just the beginning of reaching peak performance. Equipment selection plays a crucial part in reaching top results. For example, if you are working to build mass and only using heavy weights and adding even more weights to overload a muscle, you can cause injury.

Similarly, if you are only working to build large muscle groups without building endurance, cardiovascular and the like, you can trigger serious problems. The key is choosing the right equipment that includes endurance, strength training and reduction of stress on joints.

Strength training builds muscle strength. Thus, you want to consider strength-training equipment, since it flexes the joints, builds body composition, rest metabolism, and enhances the overall physical faculty.

Strength training works the prime mover and stabilizer muscles as well as the antagonistic muscles. The antagonistic muscles are the aggressive muscles.

Some of the exercise types include isometric, aerobics, isokinetic, powerhouse, isotonic, dynamic variable and constant resistance. The aerobic and powerhouse are types of cardiovascular and strengthening routines, while the other named exercises are strength training.

Nautilus, Pilates, dumbbells, and so forth are all types of exercise equipment you want to consider while working to peak performance.

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